Gifts for Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

Gifts for Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

gifts for someone who has lost a loved one

Gifts for Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

When someone in your life is experiencing loss, you may not know what to do or what to say, afraid of hurting them unintentionally. The most important thing is to reach out to them sincerely to acknowledge their pain, and another great thing to do is to send them something thoughtful in order to show that you care.

If you are looking for gifts for someone who has lost a loved one, the Lewsiton Label has you covered with thoughtful, and experienced suggestions.

When a Friend is Grieving

Losing a loved one is, of course, very difficult, especially when the rest of the world goes on. Those who are grieving are often still expected to go to work and fulfill their daily responsibilities while processing this loss. Being there to support your grieving friend-- whether to offer a shoulder to cry on or to help them with some of their responsibilities-- will be something they greatly appreciate.

Reach Out

When a friend has suffered a loss, reach out to let them know you are thinking of them and offer your support.

Knowing they have someone to rely on can help to ease their burden. Similarly, check in on your friend after the loss, while they are still grieving and processing, to see if they would like to talk or need help with anything. 


Grief can often be overwhelming. Everyone processes their grief and loss differently, and fopr many, even their day-to-day tasks may feel like too much under the weight of what they are dealing with.

Reaching out to see if your friend would like a home-cooked meal or needs help picking up the kids after school can lift a burden from their shoulders. Regardless of whether or not they accept your help, this also shows them that you care. 


When talking to your friend about their grief, don’t say anything to diminish their experience or their feelings. Regardless of who or how they lost someone, if your friend is hurting, that is all that matters.

Also, don’t tag your friend in pictures of their loved one online.

This may seem helpful, and as if you are toasting to this loved one’s memory, but it can often cause triggering feelings for your friend. They may not be ready to see pictures of their lost loved one, especially if they are not expected to see these posts on social media.

Sympathy Gift Ideas

It is customary to send a sympathy gift or a card if you are close to someone who has experienced loss, as well as to send flowers. However, this often feels a bit impersonal. If you are close to someone, you’ll want to send them a thoughtful gift to truly show that they and their family are in your thoughts.

Grief Candle

The idea of a grief candle is to celebrate the light of a loved one. Though they may be gone, this does not mean that their light is gone! By lighting the grief candle, your friend can celebrate their loved one and still feel their presence nearby. Some also light the grief candle during special events or use it at that person’s spot at the table to have them there again for the other moments in life, such as birthdays, engagements, or other celebrations.


The Lewiston Label grief candle comes in an unscented option, as well as the scent Grounded, which smells of Aspen, sea salt, and tobacco vanilla. It is hand-poured in Calgary, AB, and uses coconut soy wax, which burns longer than beeswax. The candle’s black matte holder also comes engraved and allows it to be personalized with the name of the person that you are grieving.


A dedication or donation in the lost loved one’s name can also be a thoughtful gift idea, especially if it is for something that was dear to that person’s heart. For example, having their name on a bench in their favorite park, or donating to a cause that they were passionate about is a way to extend this person’s legacy. If it is a physical dedication, such as on a bench, your friend will also be able to see it whenever they visit that special place.

Handmade Gifts

A handmade gift can often feel more personal than sending flowers or a generic card. It shows that you put a lot of thought-- and time-- into what to send as a gift. A scrapbook made in their loved one’s memory is a great gift that your friend and their family will be able to cherish for years to come. 


Another handmade gift option is a memory quilt. For this style of quilt, one would collect the lost loved one’s clothing and use these garments as the squares of the quilt. A memory quilt is thoughtful and practical, as your friend will be able to snuggle up under it on the couch or in bed.

These recently rose in popularity with them being given as graduation gifts as well, with college or high school T-shirts being used.

Due to their recent popularity, there are companies that specialize in making these quilts, so even if you lack the sewing skills, this could still be a viable gift option for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What to send to someone who lost a loved one other than flowers?

Some good gift options for someone who has lost a loved one are gifts of food (if you do not live nearby, you can also purchase from a company that can deliver), practical gifts such as thank-you notes or stamps, or self-care presents such as a gift card for a massage or a spa.

What is a thoughtful sympathy gift?

A framed photo of a lost loved one or a personal sympathy note are both gifts that will be remembered and appreciated by those who are grieving.

What are some personalized gifts for someone who lost a loved one?

Creative gift-givers may have the skills to create a more personal gift. Funeral flowers can be used to turn into jewelry or resin trays, and the loved one’s clothing can be repurposed into a pillowcase or quilt. 

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