After Jessica lost her son Lewiston at just 179 days old (he was just 3 days shy of his 6 month birthday) she decided to stop having a pity party and to start creating a legacy with Lewiston's life, not only did her and her husband start the Love for Lewiston Foundation but they started a seperate For Profit Business (THE LEWISTON LABEL Inc.)  to help raise awareness and give back. A dear friend had created sweat shirts originally for the the family as a fundraiser when they were caring for Lewiston and unable to work to help cover medical costs. Even after Lewiston's passing many continue to message and ask for the apparel with the heart on it. 

Jessica decided that they would take the life lessons that Lewiston taught their family and and start spreading the word via apparel. They started out with only a few designs including The Lewiston Heart and their favourite quote from Levi Lusko "RUN TOWARDS THE ROAR."

Now 4 years later after many late night basement packing sessions, thousands of orders and many hard lessons learn the apparel company is being sold across North America and bringing joy to those who in need. Purchasing our apparel not only helps support our family as small business owners but it helps us give back into the community, spread love to SMA families and those hurting and grieving. 


We always follow the nudge placed on our hearts and that has led to us gifting over $10,000 worth of apparel to spread love and bring joy. 



 Hi, I am jess. Author, Speaker, Coach, Co-Founder of Love for Lewiston and small business owner. I have often wanted to close this little small shop but time and time again when I feel like quitting, or I have made one too many mistakes someone slides into our DM's, sends encouragement and reminds of us of why we started this all in the first place. 

Our goal with the apparel is that is is designed for everyone, you feel welcomed to a club of amazing people who are spreading Lewiston's Life Lessons one sweater at a time.