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The Lewiston Label Inc.


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The Story Behind Why We Love This

Lewiston left a huge legacy, part of which was a lesson in Running Towards the Roar. The ‘roar’ represents the challenges in our life that scare us, the ones we often run from. But when we turn in the other direction those fears will always stay right behind us. Fear has the potential to rob us of our dreams and our joy. However, when we rise up and run right to that roar, choosing to follow our dreams and conquer that fear, we realize that we can do more than we ever thought possible and we run to that which gives us life.

Levi Lusko wrote it best in his book “Through The Eyes Of A Lion.” “…most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re seventy-five. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t let your soul stop growing and don’t give in even if your stomach is growling. Your greatest days are still to come. I dare you to believe that the days will come where what you are most scared of right now will be included in your highlight reel as a triumphant victory. The only way to truly live is to "run toward the roar.”


* This Crew is a relaxed fit in Unisex style. Jessica is 5'7" and wearing size MEDIUM

* Designed, manufactured, and printed with love in Calgary, Canada with imported pieces.

* Fabric// 95% Cotton// 5% Spandex//Ribbing: 97% Cotton// 3% Spandex// Wash in cold water// Tumble dry low// Product has not been pre shrunk.